Amazon brand history

All You Need To Know About The History Of The Amazon Brand

Keeping up with new technology and marketing techniques is necessary for expansion, which is crucial for Amazon’s newest offering, Amazon Brand Story. But why was this most recent addition made? How does it affect consumer choice, and perhaps more significantly, how can you take full use of this brand-new Amazon Brand Story feature? Time to..

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Vendor Account Manager

How To Identify The Best Vendor Account Manager For Your Business?

Amazon is a huge marketplace with tons of products. Wouldn’t you agree? And to achieve success in your business, you have to have a successful collaboration with Amazon. But that requires nothing but a good relationship with your vendor account manager.  This must be a new term for you and you must be wondering what..

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Amazon PPC Optimization

Amazon PPC Optimization Techniques To Dominate On Amazon?

Amazon PPC ads are now necessary for brands, agencies, and third-party sellers who want to increase their sales on Amazon. By targeting specific keywords, brands can create relevant ads that show up in Amazon’s search results and competitor product listings. In addition, ad sponsors can control the content and budget of their advertisements, as well..

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Amazon customer engagement

How Can You Manage Your Customer Engagement With Amazon?

Amazon seller central introduced all the sellers on its platform with a very innovative and useful tool called “Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool,” which means that sellers are now able to manage their Amazon customer engagement with their target audience. And at the same time, it will allow brands to plan their strategies and execute..

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Amazon Ppc

Tips To Optimize Amazon PPC Keyword Bidding Strategy!

Amazon PPC is emerging as one of the most sought-after methods. However, in order to keep the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, you’ll have to improve your bidding strategy for keywords.  The most important question that pops up in the minds of advertisers when they’re developing new ads is: how much should I bid for..

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