As Amazon’s advertising is continuously evolving, it’s no longer a secret that Amazon Sponsored Brands Video will become a crucial reason for driving more sales for the businesses on this platform. Its impact can be observed on the ground level as we have gone through a few surveys that were taken among the U.S. brands in 2021 in the United States.

These surveys of thousands of U.S. firms and companies admitted that the importance of optimization of Amazon sponsored brand video ads would be growing with time. 

We will discuss further in this article how you can optimize amazon video ads performance with the help of new view metrics

What Is Amazon Sponsored Brands Video?

Amazon Sponsored brand video ads instantly grab a buyer’s attention when browsing search results, making this new ad format a great strategy for increasing clickthrough rates and conversions. Additionally, these videos are embedded around related product listings when a customer starts their search. As a result, buyers with high purchase intent can easily watch these videos to learn about the product and brand before clicking on the listing, which may lead to potential customers being more inclined toward your product than competitors.

Why Is Optimization Of Sponsored Brand Video Ad Performance A Successful Amazon Advertising Strategy?

It is best to use Amazon Video Ads campaigns as part of a full-funnel approach to advertising on Amazon. Specifically, many industry professionals have observed that Amazon Sponsored Brands Video plays its role as a great tool to rank up a product on the eCommerce platforms, improves brand awareness, and is considered more interactive and informational content.

It is also important that businesses properly optimize bidding for their Amazon Video best practices to maximize results without wasting any ad spend.

Aside from optimizing your bidding strategies, having engaging video content and telling your brand’s story is crucial to connecting with customers.

What Should Be Considered While Optimizing Sponsored Brand Video Ads?

You can perform this task easier when you click the advertising drop-down tab on seller central or select the campaign manager page on Amazon. You can go with “the create campaign” option and then select the sponsored brands tab to kick off with the Amazon video best practices developing procedure.

Also, If you are planning to optimize video ads on Amazon, you should always keep a few key points in mind:

  • Video Duration
  • Video Dimensions
  • Frame Rate
  • File Size
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Audio Format
  • Audio Bit Rate

How To Optimize Sponsored Brand Video Ads On Amazon With The Help Of New Metrics?

These Amazon brand video examples are ideal for helping your consumers in searching for your products and brand when they shop on Amazon. There are some amazing facts about these Amazon video ads that do not require any big budget or any sort of strong effort. You can easily achieve your targets by adopting this ultimate strategy.

Learn more about how you can optimize your Amazon video ads performance with the below-mentioned professional tips. 

  1. Identify Your Audience

If your campaign is primarily focused on purchases, we’d recommend you better shift your target to be more “user-centric.” This will not only drive more sales but also generate additional traffic for your brand because when you know your audience, you become more able to build a marketing strategy accordingly.

  1. Try Storytelling

We would recommend you try to include motivational stories for Amazon brand video examples that clear the mindset of the customer about the purchase of your product. These types of Amazon video ads should be based on your ultimate campaign goals. Show them how your brand has been consistently successful in maintaining high standards and why you are unique from your competitors.

  1. Create Short-Videos

Watching a long video can be a boring thing to do as a new visitor, and also sometimes, due to its long duration, the motive disappears. So, please give a try to use short videos, because the optimum length of a video makes a lasting impression on the viewers. 

  1. Add Clickable Logos Or Titles

Put logos that appear before, in the middle, or at the end of the video, and it should be clickable as it helps add interest to the content. Then, when it is finished, it will automatically pop up and prompt the customer to visit the site page at least once. Also, you can try adding an end card to be more creative and keep your loop flawless.

  1. Accurate Frame

To improve your customer experience, try to avoid using pillar boxes or letterboard videos. Never put a black bar on any side of your video. Make sure the text doesn’t interfere with the dark red part of the protected area template.

Let’s Wrap Up

If you are planning to hire a professional to create your Amazon video best practices for you, make sure you add all of the above key factors as part of the brief you send them. If you do this, you’ll be more likely to get a high-converting video, especially if you’re not working with professionals who are familiar with Amazon Video ads.