Tools like Amazon and Google are crucial today. These two search engines are popular for their ease of use. However, due to their popularity, e-commerce enterprises face fierce competition. In fact, some brands are struggling with increased marketing competition.

However, Amazon SEO and Google SEO differ. Online retailers should be able to distinguish between them and choose the ideal one for their SEO strategy. This article discusses crucial decision-making factors.

Similarities Between Amazon and Google SEO

Both are Widely Used

Across the globe, both Amazon and Google are well-known name brands. Every month, more than 300 million people who are actively shopping visit Amazon, while 89.3 billion people visit Google. The data demonstrates that both platforms achieved levels of influence in the search and e-commerce marketplaces that their competitors could not achieve.

Both Share the Same Goal

Both Google and Amazon have the same primary goal: to showcase the highest-quality pages on the search engine results page (SERP), taking into account the user’s requirements. To identify which pages should be displayed at the top of the search results, both platforms employ sophisticated algorithms.

Both Display Two Kinds of Outcomes

Amazon and Google both show paid and free search results. However, when it comes to placing ads, Google Ads is better. At the same time, Amazon advertising keeps adding more funnel ads for sellers.

Advertising is a big part of both sites’ revenue streams. To compensate, Amazon needs to improve its Sponsored Display Ads, Sponsored Products, Amazon Stores, and Sponsored Brands, which can be effectively done by an Amazon SEO services agency.

Both Require Regular Upkeep

Both Google and Amazon need regular updates. Getting your web page or listing on the first spot of the relevant search results is not a one-time task. It is just the beginning of your SEO journey.

Monitor and stay up-to-date on changes that might affect your ranking, such as an algorithm update or a new SEO analysis of a rising competitor. Implement more effective strategies for high search volume and securing a first-page search position.

Differences Between Amazon and Google SEO

Difference in Focus

Google and Amazon are both very successful but in distinct markets. Google SEO concentrates on the search engine market, while Amazon SEO targets the e-commerce sector. 

Google is interested in a website’s click-through rate (CTR), and relevancy is determined by the number of clicks and the amount of time people spend on a certain page. 

Conversely, conversions and CTR are important to Amazon. Whether or not the customer bought the product determines its ranking. Amazon’s search engine prioritizes sales, whereas Google concentrates on site traffic.

Difference in Algorithms

Because Google and Amazon fulfill diverse purposes, their algorithms differ. Simply put, Amazon’s algorithms prioritize sales performance, whereas Google strives to deliver the best search results.

Google’s algorithm aims to provide web search results that most closely reflect the user’s intent. This entails conducting a relevance analysis of web pages’ content, linkages, and credibility.

Amazon’s A10 algorithm, on the other hand, is made to provide search results and product recommendations that drive sales. It considers variables connected to sales, such as reviews, product impressions, conversion rates, and sales authority.

Difference in Keyword Utilization

While both Google and Amazon use short- and long-tail keywords, keyword phrases, and keywords to determine ranking, their applications differ.

Because users visit Amazon to make purchases, the keywords are more product-specific. They mainly highlight the product’s benefits or unique features. Due to the fierce competition, utilizing the top keyword research tool when creating your SEO plan is critical. 

On the other hand, Google SEO is more comprehensive and concentrates on terms that provide answers. Page names, headings, subheadings, meta descriptions, and optimized pictures are among the aspects covered. 

Internal and External Links

Google search engine optimization relies heavily on link development. Your page’s authority will improve if you have many high-quality links; the higher the page authority, the better your chances of achieving the highest possible ranks on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

On the other hand, Amazon does not practice direct links or external links or rely on them. When it comes to product ranking and placement on search results, Amazon places a strong emphasis on sales volume.


Amazon and Google are important for search engine optimization, but it is more important to understand how they function and where they would be most effective. Amazon offers things for sale, whereas Google responds to inquiries. Set your business goals and find out which of the two can help bring your plans into action. If you want to learn more about Amazon SEO services, you can search our website for relevant information.


Why is SEO important for Amazon and Google?

In order to maintain their position at the forefront of the exposure game, businesses require search engine optimization. Both Amazon and Google are home to a large number of sellers, which means that the level of competition is extremely high.

How exactly are Amazon and Google search engines different?

Google’s main goal is to provide users with the websites that are most pertinent and informative to their search query. Within its marketplace, Amazon prioritizes displaying the products that are most relevant to customers’ purchases.

Can I improve my Amazon ranking with Google SEO?

In no direct way. Writing helpful material about your products will draw in potential clients who may subsequently check Amazon for your products. This is true even though Google SEO will not directly affect your ranking on Amazon.