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All about your Amazon Account Management!

Seller Reinstatement

Why your seller account got suspended?

There are many reasons when Amazon suspends the seller account some of them as below:

  • Poor Account Health
  • High Order Defect Rate
  • Late Shipment Rate
  • Policy Violations
  • Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate
  • Bad Customer Services Score
  • Selling a Restricted Product
  • Safety & much more

How Services4Amazon helps you in Reinstatement of your Suspended Account?

We provide time with each seller to solve all relevant issues. Our Amazon experts help you to getting your seller account reinstated by follow just 4 steps:

  • Evaluate the Case Our Amazon Seller Performance team firstly evaluate your entire case, find the reasons and design an effective Plan-of-Action.
  • Find-Out the Reasons Our very first motive to find out the exact reasons that why your amazon seller account suspended. Without knowing the reasons there is no sense to appeal for suspension.
  • Outline Plan of Action This step refers to outline the perfect plan of action based only on your case report, it includes the introduction, description of suspension and prevention steps.
  • Appeal & Prevention Strategy The final step is to send the POA to Amazon & wait for reviewing. Also, we help you to improving your account health and take the right prevention strategy.

How we can HELP to create an impeccable PLAN OF ACTION?

Plan of Action (POA) is very crucial & helpful to appeal for reinstatement. Your plan of action should be very effective and truly impeccable because you have only one chance to appeal against the suspension. Appeal more than one POA may be Amazon ignore your request completely and permanently suspended your amazon account.

Our Amazon experts have specialized to outline the impeccable Plan-of-Action and divided POA into 4 different parts, mention below:

  • Introductory Paragraph Start from the top of POA, the first part refers to describe the whole description about your business (like – seller name, size of business, products details, etc.).
  • Description of Suspension Second part is to mention the suspensions reasons, it includes to explain every aspects of suspensions (like – reason, mistakes that you’ve done, etc.).
  • Prevention Steps This step includes to explain the prevention steps that you are going to take for not to again violate the Amazon guidelines.
  • Ending Statement In the last, the closing statement to approve your reinstate request or add a short summary of your POA.

Services4Amazon successfully appealed for various Suspension types

  • Counterfeit Claims
  • Inauthentic Claims
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Late Shipment Rate
  • Order Defect Rate
  • Review Manipulation
  • Used Sold as New & so on.