Keeping up with new technology and marketing techniques is necessary for expansion, which is crucial for Amazon’s newest offering, Amazon Brand Story. But why was this most recent addition made? How does it affect consumer choice, and perhaps more significantly, how can you take full use of this brand-new Amazon Brand Story feature? Time to read!
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Brand Story Of Amazon

An optional enhancement to Amazon product listings is Amazon Brand Story. As the name implies, brands can use photographs to tell their stories in an engaging way with the use of this technology. As a result, it aids in bringing in customers and making those crucial transactions.

The Brand Story’s material is shown in a carousel that scrolls horizontally. You may use this carousel to take readers on a journey that is focused on your business by including text, images, and videos in your content. You can draw attention to your brand’s key principles, objectives, general message, associated items, and more. When used properly, it increases consumer awareness of and faith in your brand, leading to the development of closer emotional bonds with clients. Amazon Vendor Central Consultant will help to grow your business on the amazon marketplace


How Do Sales Affect The Amazon Brand Story?

In the not-too-distant past, an Amazon Consultant product listing might only have one or two images and a few straightforward lines of text. Yet the world’s largest retailer isn’t participating in the evolution of online purchasing, which has gotten more sophisticated and exciting.

Branded content has taken center stage for companies that make direct sales on Amazon as the user experience becomes more crucial in converting users into customers. These anonymous Amazon listings have been transformed by storyboard visuals and A+ content, and the Brand Story now builds on these features to improve product detail pages.

amazon brand

How Can You Communicate Your Brand’s Story?

You won’t get the outcomes you desire if you don’t know how to properly construct an Amazon Brand Story. The good news is that it doesn’t take much labor to get everything operating. To begin, sign in to your Amazon seller account’s Seller Central section & Amazon Seller Account Management Services can help you for logging. Last but not least, you can choose “Build a Brand Story” by heading to the A+ Content Management section, which is located under the Advertising page, assuming you meet the requirements. Choosing which content modules to include in your brand story is another important decision. It is often recommended to include three to five content modules. When you click one of the aforementioned options or templates, you can choose “Add Module.”


  • A Shop Display Including Brand ASINs

By including four ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) photos that link to each product’s listing, a “highlight reel” for the product is effectively created.


  • Putting Brand Image First

You can include a headline and body of content in addition to being able to visually present your brand and product line to further provide context.


  • Name Of The Brand And Logo

This module allows you the ability to include both a picture and a body of text to boost brand recognition (450 characters max). This could include anything from a product FAQ to a declaration of the objectives for your business.

Notice that you should click “Next: Review & Submit” when you have finished creating your Brand Story. The approval procedure could take up to 24 hours.



To increase your company’s success on Amazon, use these recommendations as a foundation for implementing this new service. With the correct Amazon EBC creation Consultants approach, you may enhance your product listings.