Amazon products ranking plays an important role & a vital need for every Amazon seller as it’s a direct factor that will increase the product’s impressions on a particular search query. Achieving high rankings on Amazon that will not only increase traffic on your product but also contribute to increasing sales.

By this blog, you’ll be aware of 20 ways to rank your products on Amazon.

But, before getting dive into this, first sellers need to understand how Amazon’s search algorithm (or Amazon A9) works. We’ve already created a detailed blog to understand Amazon A9 Algorithm to achieve best seller rank organically. Also, there are some sellers who used Amazon Black Hat & Hacks Tactics to manipulate the Amazon algorithm in order to achieve high rankings but instead of getting any benefit, they’ve penalized their accounts.

As an Amazon Consultancy, we’ve tackled some of the sellers who used Amazon black hat techniques and hacks tricks to get a higher level of rankings. We always suggest using a legal way to optimize your amazon product’s listings and some of the ways that we’ve mentioned below

#1: Product Title

Product title plays an important role in Amazon because a good title can increase the product’s ranking and conversion rate. A good title should have to contain targeted keywords under 200 characters. It makes great use of Amazon SEO to make your product appear in related search queries.

Connect us to know (by clicking on) how you can create an SEO optimized Amazon product’s title.

#2: Seller Name

The name of the seller has a greater impact on your goods as well as increases the value of your brand in the market. Customers who are familiar with your brand easily buy your goods and also inspire others to buy. Being a brand name makes your product more easily focused on people.

But this is not the case for every seller or those who just started selling on Amazon.

#3: Amazon Backend Keywords

Backend keywords are used as a Meta tag in a way that makes it easy for Amazon algorithm to know our product and rank it quickly so it is used with great care.

Completion of these four fields are necessary. Only 50 characters are accepted in each field, more than is rejected;

  • Words should not be used more than once
  • Commas are prohibited
  • Showing the same word in another way is forbidden
  • Avoid quotation marks

#4: Product’s Description

In these amazon product listings, the most important thing is to tell your product correctly so that your customer can know your product in more detail, remember that you should tell more and more of your points so that they can be focused separately and also use your keywords in the title.

#5: Amazon Reviews

Customer Reviews also puts more impact on the Amazon users associated with your product, which motivates and makes a positive impact on the consumer’s mind to buy the goods. This, in a way, adds more value to our product in the market.

#6: Product Images

It has always been said that people are motivated to see more than a few things. That is why you should have to pay more attention to the images of your products, always make them attractive and clear. Also, you should pay attention to its SEO, which can rank well on Amazon, don’t forget to write alt text and caption before uploading the image.

#7: Customers’ Qn

It is an effective way to update your customers with more knowledge about the product features & also helps to resolve customer’s queries. This is a place where customers can easily put their queries about the product and giving them accurate & relevant answers helps to build a positive impact, and maybe clearing doubts can push them to buy the product.

#8: Effective Bullet Points

It is a way to highlight your product specification for coming customers on your website. It looks like the points related to your product in different unique ways with the help of all the symbols.  So that the customer can understand your product and understand it and be encouraged to buy the goods.

#9: Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) control the content and pictures on each page to recount your special image story while disposing of interruptions. They give you more traffic and higher deal transformation and keep clients on your pages longer. Your item show page can assist clients with understanding your offers better.

#10: Customer Reviews

As reviews are important ranking factors, the more positive customer reviews you get the more trust you can build. Your potential customer may always check the experience of others who bought your products so you can use customer reviews as its important ranking factors.

#11: Customer On-Page Time & Bounce Rate

This is one of the most important factors for the Amazon algorithm that will help to increase the product’s ranking. That’s why proper optimization with properly created title and description are necessary to rank better.

#12: Brand & Manufacturer Part Number

You can also mention your brand name in the title of the product’s description that will help customers to search and find your product.


The very first to rank higher on the Amazon product’s listings is to properly optimize your product’s information with title, description, use bullet points, create EBC and so on. That will not only help Amazon algorithm but also for customers to get proper and more detailed information about your products. To make Amazon easy for sellers and vendors, we’re running a Free Amazon Consulting and Account Audit solutions.