Wondering about what Amazon Seller Flex Program is and how it works, or about its benefits? Read along to know more in detail about the Amazon Flex program that Amazon provides exclusively for its sellers.

What is Amazon Seller Flex Program?

When someone registers on the Amazon website as a seller, they should have an inbuilt inventory by default. The Amazon Seller Flex Program is an exclusive fulfillment program launched by Amazon for their sellers that will help them keep the inventory in their warehouse on the check and have more control over it. 

This enables the seller to stock and pack the products in their respective warehouse but avail the Fulfillment by Amazon 1-2 days product shipment. In this program, the seller does not have to ship their products to the Amazon FBA, and the seller’s own warehouse is converted into an FBA exclusively for their products.

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Who can apply for Amazon Seller Flex Program?

Unlike other Amazon services, Amazon Seller Flex Program is an Invite-Only program and one cannot apply for it. Using a few criteria and strategies, Amazon identifies sellers who are eligible and sends an invitation to them to join the program. The parameters that have to be fulfilled to be selected by Amazon for the program are:

  1. The Monthly sales of the seller should be more than 6 lakh i.e. 0.6 Million per month.
  2. The Seller rating should be 90% or above
  3. The monthly sales unit should be close to 1000 units

This is a rough estimate of the criteria for getting invited and more details are available with the Amazon Flex managers.

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How to apply for Amazon Seller Flex Program?

Sometimes sellers might feel that they are eligible for the Amazon Seller Flex  Program Invitee, but have not received one can contact the Amazon team to get an invite. You can contact the team by calling up the customer care number or drop an email to Amazon and discuss the matter in detail. 

After receiving the invitation, you will be given a form to fill up with your business details and a list of requirements that you have to fulfill. Once you fill-up the form and send the related documents to Amazon, they will verify it. After verification, a team will be sent to help install the warehouse. The seller and his staff will be provided training by Amazon about the procedures and functioning. 

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What are the requirements for Amazon Seller Flex Program?

According to the Amazon guidelines, the warehouse owner has to prepare the following requirements and Amazon will not provide them. The seller will have to invest in the following things to finish the approval procedure.

  1. Two Laptops or Desktops with Windows 7 or above and a minimum of 2GB RAM.
  2. 2 bar code scanners
  3. 3 Printers ( 1 for Shipping label printer, 1 for a Gift label printer, 1 for PDF Invoice File Printer)
  4. Power Backup or UPS Inverter
  5. 2 Internet connections
  6. Racks which are labeled, Bins to accommodate the products
  7. Packing Station Area
  8. Parking Area for Amazon Transport Vehicle
  9. Warehouse Manpower of the Seller (Minimum 6)
  10. Amazon Prime Packing supplies (provided by Amazon)

What is the approximate cost for getting Amazon Seller Flex Program?

Shipping Label Printer: TSC DA 310: ₹ 16000

Gift Printer: TSC TE 244: ₹9000

Laser Printer for printing PDF Invoice: ₹10,000

Gift Ribbon: ₹ 500

UPS: ₹2000

Racks or Bins: Average cost ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 

The Total Cost of Installing the setup for the Amazon Seller Flex Program is around ₹42,500 to ₹50,000 This sums up the whole process and details of the Amazon Seller Flex Program for any seller who is registered on Amazon.