Amazon uses a system called the A9 algorithm which is used to decide how the products will be ranked on the Amazon platform and are quite similar to the algorithm used by Google for their search engines. Google displays the first content by considering the keywords in deciding which results are most relevant to the search. Before all these, you need to understand what the basic A9 algorithm is, and even though Amazon’s and Google’s algorithm is quite similar but there has been one key difference between them as an algorithm puts a strong emphasis on sale conversions. Because Amazon business has a vested interest in promoting listings that are more likely to result in sales and therefore with a strong sale history and high conversion rate Amazon will rank the listings more highly.

This type of algorithm has cumulative effects and has a better chance of achieving high sales because the products are more highly ranked and likely to receive more traffic that will boost their ranking and optimizing the listing for conversion is also an important part of this equation. Amazon stores help to promote your brand and products with your own multi-page Store on Amazon and also showcase your brand stores and products along with designing your store with no coding which will drive traffic to your Store. But this should be done in a proper methodical way.

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What is the role of sales conversions?

It is a very vital part of any strategy to have a strong sales conversion rate to rank highly in terms of Amazon’s algorithm and it is also essential to the overall success of a business strategy. This is one of the key factors Amazon looks for in determining high-ranking products and these are the listings that are most likely to make their money and will increase your sale conversions and thus will drive more traffic to your listings through higher ranking.

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What is the importance of keywords?

  • In determining relevance to search queries keywords are one of the main factors Amazon looks for and therefore setting ranking on its result page.
  • It is very important to be as creative as possible and integrate high volume and importantly relevant keywords that will be used by the customers for searching.
  • You must make sure that the keywords you are using should be relevant to your product and there is no point in being listed in search results for customer who is looking for something else.
  • With the lower volume of search and ranking first can be more advantages than and a lower ranking on a high volume search term thus using relevant low volume keywords which have less competition can also be advantages for sales.

How to keep up your Amazon prices competitive?

  • Amazon Web services should be used to ensure you are pricing at the fastest possible speed and if one of your competitor’s prices goes out of stock you can take its place and win the Amazon buy box more often at a higher margin.
  • After creating a product listing that is optimized for sales conversation you must also consider going through listing performances regularly and see how it is ranking so that accordingly you can make adjustment or improvement whenever necessary.

Brief Summarization and Tips to Understand Amazon’s A9 Algorithm to Achieve Best Seller Rank and High Product Visibility

  • Firstly, one must analyses and research about the competitions of selling a product.
  • Secondly, they must create a SEO friendly Amazon product listing while keeping Amazon A9 search algorithm in mind.
  • Thirdly, if required one must have a proper infographics image or image enhancement. Also, seller can also access the EBC that benefits to increase sales.
  • Fourthly, using more relevant keywords and optimizing the content should be kept in mind.
  • And lastly, one must find ways to increase the product visibility and getting positive product reviews.

Professionals helping you with the Amazon A9 algorithm

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