In this blog, we’ll learn about Amazon Premium A+ Content, its importance to sellers, how it can help them boost their sales, and what sets it apart from the basic A+ content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the Need For Premium A+ Content.
  • What actually is Premium A+ Content?
  • The various benefits that the Premium A+ provides. 
  • All the important features that it includes.

Almost everybody knows that Amazon is one of the biggest marketplace , and millions of sellers compete with each other to attract buyers. Amazon also helps these sellers in their mission to make their products visible by providing them with a wide variety of features. Amazon A+ content is among the features that enable sellers to optimize their product listings in a captivating manner.

However, it’s not enough for sellers to gain visibility simply by enhancing their listings with the help of A+ content. It’s not their fault, as the competition is brutal. Also, one cannot overcome this challenge by merely adding extra bullet points, images, and charts to the product description. Enter Premium A+ content (or A++ content), which is available for sellers in exchange for a reasonable fee.

An Overview of Amazon Premium A+ Content?

Premium A+ Content, also known as A++ Content, is an upgrade to the A+ Content feature which is a part of the New Sellers Guide. Its unique material, like video, hotspot modules, and more, lets brands show off the best features of their products.

Premium A+ Content allows brands to visually communicate through imagery and video due to their strict limitation on character usage. Interestingly, Amazon claims that Premium A+ Content can boost your sales by 20%. At first, this claim comes across as far-fetched, but it can be easily achieved by joining forces with an Amazon A+ content services provider.

Furthermore, Premium A+ makes the page’s useful space bigger by using the whole width of the screen for a more stylish look. Some features that make Premium A+ stand out are the following:

  • Video
  • Full-width imagery
  • More space
  • Clickable Q&A
  • Interactive comparison charts
  • Carousel modules
  • Mobile-friendly and voice-friendly product pages
  • Testimonials

Why Premium A+ Content is a Game-Changer?

Captivates Attention: In a sea of items that are identical to one another, high-quality photos, infographics, and even short video clips may capture the attention of a buyer for your product and make it stand out from the crowd. 

Tells a Story: Rather than simply listing features, tell a story with your product. You can effectively convey a story about your product by using A++ Content combined with the hired help of Amazon A+ content services. This tale should include how your product addresses a problem, what makes it special, and how it can enrich the lives of the consumer.

Boosts Conversions: Conversion rates are the amount of individuals who purchase your goods after reading the listing. According to studies, listings that have A+ content have the potential to enhance conversion rates by as much as ten percent. Moreover, there is a wealth of potential new clients you can target in that treasure trove.

Reduces Returns: With the help of Premium A+, you can provide consumers with comprehensive information about your product. Thus, it helps them in making well-informed decisions, which in turn leads to a reduction in the number of returns.

Improves Credibility: You can easily build credibility with both new and existing clients via the use of Premium A+ Content. Consequently, this inspires faith in both your brand and the items you offer.

Enhances Visibility: It is possible that implementing Premium A+ Content will contribute to raising the search ranking of your goods on Amazon. Thereby increasing the visibility of your product to potential buyers.

Premium A+ Features That Help Boosting Your Sales

Upgraded sections in Premium A+ Content make it easier to see information about your brand and products. These modules add to the features that were already in A+ and also have features that are only available in the premium version.

In addition to the standard A+ modules like simple comparison charts, single image & sidebar, and three images & text, Premium A+ introduces several new modules to enhance the content further:

  • Interactive Hover Hotspot Modules
  • Multiple Video Modules
  • Enhanced Comparison Charts
  • Larger Images on the Detail Page
  • Carousel Modules
  • Premium Q&A Module

With more module choices in Premium A+ Content, you have a lot of ways to make your product pages stand out. Besides, you can use rooms more efficiently by just adding carousel units. As a result, buyers can get a lot of information without being overwhelmed.


With Amazon Premium A+ Content, brands can make a mark on customers that last and, in the end, help their Amazon business grow. Moreover, Premium A+ Content’s visual storytelling features are becoming more and more important for brands to succeed and grow in the digital marketplace as online shopping changes. If you want to learn more about Amazon EBC services, feel free to contact us.


Who can use Premium A+ Content?

Premium A+ Content is available to brand owners, suppliers, and buyers who are signed up for the Amazon Brand Registry program. But being eligible doesn’t mean you’ll be approved. There are also two major requirements:

  1. All of your Brand Owned ASINs must have an A+ Brand Story that has been released.
  2. You must have at least 5 “Approved” A+ content projects in the last 12 months.

Do I need to use basic A+ Content before using Premium A+ Content?

No, you don’t have to use basic A+ Content first to use premium A+ Content. Basic A+ Content, on the other hand, is free for all Brand Registry sellers and comes with extras like better product summaries and picture banners. You can pay extra for Premium A+ Content, which has more advanced tools.

Can I add customer reviews to my A+ Content?

You can’t directly add customer reviews to your A+ Content, which is a shame. However, the good customer reviews that are shown elsewhere on your product page can benefit from A+ Content’s ability to get more people to interact with them.

How much does Premium A+ Content cost?

It’s not set in stone how much Premium A+ Content costs. Amazon charges a fee for each ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). This fee can change based on how complicated your content is and how many modules you use.