Amazon is an ever-changing marketplace. With new updates coming out regularly, there is always something new and different to consider for the customers and the vendors as well.

It is known as the most prominent eCommerce giant not only in a specific region but its dominance can be felt across the globe. The bigger a platform is, the more opportunities and improvements it needs over time. To be successful on Amazon seller central, a seller must adapt to the recent and regular updates that Amazon announces over time.

Here in this post, we have compiled a brief list of some Amazon updates 2022 for sellers, which are expected to work well for every seller on this vast marketplace.

  1. New Changes To Buyer-Initiated Order Cancellations

Amazon seems to have focused primarily on how a seller can improve their experience with their customers on the platform with recent updates. Most of the online sellers on Amazon’s eCommerce marketplace are aware that when a buyer cancels an order, a seller faces difficulty managing that order and has to figure it out independently.

Amazon trends 2022 has offered sellers multiple benefits like:

  • No need to go to the Buyer-Seller messaging option
  • Cancellation notification will appear on the “Manage Orders Page.”
  • You have to enable the buyer-request cancel field to be visible
  1. Simplification Of Returns To Non-US Sellers

If you have been selling your products on Amazon store setup globally, you must have noticed that it is challenging to promote your online business, connect with customers and increase sales in the USA. But after this update, the stores will be able to see their customers efficiently. It is focusing more on Nos-US sellers in particular.

It leverages Amazon sellers with:

  • Simplification of domestic return, which allows recouping return losses.
  • Vendors without a return address can now connect with their customers and manage their returns.
  • Will save future errors and save additional costs.
  1. Video Metrics With Sponsored Brand Video Ads

Amazon seller central introduced video metrics with sponsored brand video ads. Business results will be measured with the same goal-based reporting as other advertising channels, helping advertisers manage ad performance and optimization of spending. 

What Online Amazon Sellers Can Gain Out Of This Update?

  • Each time a video plays, the advertiser can put an ad with 50% screen occupation for about 2-3 seconds.
  • The entire view percentage rate of impressions will also be provided wherever a buyer has viewed the video for more than half of the video duration.
  • The unmute option will be available for the viewers as many customers had complained of being forced to watch videos with audio earlier. Now sellers can advertise their products without bothering their audience too much.
  1. Sponsored Display For Portfolio Functionality

This update introduced to Amazon selling policies enables a portfolio where vendors can easily organize their CPC-based sponsored display campaigns and categorize them according to brand name, product category, product line, organizational structure, etc. 

It allows vendors to measure the performance of their video ads, including views, reach, and watch time. 

  1. New Budget Rules For Sponsored Display

Now you can make your budget management more competitive and manage the budget and monitor the overall advertising costs of the sponsored display. With Amazon SPN introducing new budgeting rules, you can now use the budget pacing and cost cap tools to control budget spending in real-time.

Given below are some of the positive aspects that a seller can get after this latest update:

  • Improve the performance of advertising campaigns by taking into account the limits of the outgoing budget.
  • Don’t let opportunities pass you by, as now you will be more capable of budget planning and saving your resources for future opportunities.
  • Advanced automated budget management helps avoid manual effort for budget concerns in a company.
  1. Strict Actions Against Fake Reviews

We all know that reviews are the primary face of a company, as many buyers go through a detailed inspection before investing in any brand. But the recent complaints of fake reviews at Amazon seller flex have been on the rise. Large e-marketplaces like Amazon seller central have to adopt a strict policy against all sellers who strategically use fake reviews to rank their products or services.

To ensure a safe and credible selling and buying experience, the Amazon seller policy update is considered the most critical update compared to others.

  1. Changes In FBA Shipment Policies

Amazon seller central has rolled out this new feature, a new update to streamline the seller’s shipping operations. Following this change to the Amazon FBA shipment policy, they may face rejection if a seller sends a rejected or canceled shipment to Amazon. Additionally, their ability to send additional shipments to Amazon may also come under the scanner.

Following are the guidelines that a vendor is supposed to follow:

  • Avoid deletion of shipment or send the shipment via a different route
  • Clear with product specifications like content, quality, etc
  • Ensure FBA box ID is readable
  • Be precise with the plan that you showed to the customers before the order placement

Let’s Wrap Up

According to Amazon’s updates 2022, now you can make many changes in your strategies like price monitoring, budget management, etc., on the one hand. Still, on the other hand, you have to be more cautious about the Amazon seller policies. The extension of trust and security has also been kept under consideration for Amazon trends 2022