Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (or simply EBC) is a feature of Amazon that allows certain business owners or brands to list their products as uniquely and completely different from other Amazon Sellers. By using this feature, sellers can create attractive product pages that grab users’ attention, by adding enhanced product images, infographics, product videos, text style & placement, and use to tell their brand story while eliminating distractions and visual clutter.

Enhanced Brand Content also known as Amazon EBC & Amazon A+ Content. Below are some examples of EBC designed by our team.

Amazon EBC Templates - Services4Amazon

In the above EBC templates (check our EBC Portfolio here), we used multiple images of products, banners, rich content and describe the right use that helps your customers to better understand your offers and answers to their questions. Every amazon EBC designer should only have to focus on delivering appealing web graphics for both the seller and vendor account etc. EBC can help to build engagement and keep your consumers on your product pages longer. It drives more traffic and improves the sales graph

How Sellers can access EBC?

EBC can access by only those sellers who have been approved as brand owners through Amazon Brand Registry. Once you register yourself as a Brand Owner you can access the EBC feature by your Seller Central Account.

Amazon Brand Registry - Services4Amazon

Go to the “Advertising” tab and click on “Enhanced Brand Content”,

Select SKU of product for which you want to create EBC.

Amazon SKU - Services4Amazon

Then, you’re promoted to the next step where you can select any template that you want to use. Amazon offers some pre-defined templates with image sizes and text placement.

Amazon EBC Templates Style - Services4Amazon

You can use any one of the above templates, which will showcase your products as more appealing and catching. Before selecting anyone, explore every template that perfectly fits your product. Then, upload enhanced images or banners, add rich content and place a video (if available) and submitted.

Before going to make it live Amazon reviews the whole content and verify your EBC. This process will take up to 1 week. Once, verification will be done it will be live on your product page. And, customers can able to see your updated product EBC.

How much Amazon charge for Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon doesn’t implement any charges for EBC, it’s totally free for now. But, as its gain the maximum hits, Amazon will soon start charging some fee for Enhanced Brand Content listings. So, we encourage sellers to take the advantage of EBC and make their product listing more attractive before it gets paid.

Even, if you want to outsource your EBC work to design, approved, live, and hire amazon Ebc services those benefits will surely deliver the desired result. This is the reason why many businesses are using EBC in their listings.

Let’s explore the real benefits of using Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

  • Neglect Bounce Rates

Customers hardly spend their time reading the title or description of the product. They immediately bounce off your competitor pages, if they catch some convincing details. So, you only have some seconds to engage with your customers and make the first impression first. People are more attracted towards visuals and that’s why EBC plays here to engage them with appealing images and amazon a+ content videos, increasing the user session time and helping to reduce bounce rates.

  • Appealing Infographics

As I already said in the above point that people are naturally visuals and attracted towards graphics. Images play a major role to create an emotional connection and it is the first thing when a customer interacts. Appealing infographics can describe your products well and answer all the questions of your customer. And, it’s more likely to make a purchase.

  • Sets a Brand Value

If you’re a customer and searching for a product on Amazon, what presentation will you choose to get more product information, you have two options: ordinary typical information or the information which has infographics, videos & having all the elements that connect you.

Obviously, you’re going with the second one. EBC sets a positive image and enhances the brand value in the customer’s mind. It is one of the effective and kind of Amazon Advertising strategies without investing in any amazon advertising services.

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  • Reduce the Negative Graph

Enhance Brand Content can deliver better information to the customers and provide almost all the information. A customer who already knows the things that he/she expect from the product is less likely to post a negative review and ask for a return.

Hire an Agency to design your EBC that engage…

What is the need to hire an agency – this is the very first question that clicks in the seller’s mind.

“Getting the things done from experts or working as own” – both are different. The benefit of hiring an agency is the expertise level of understanding the Amazon algorithms and is the quality of delivering the amazon Ebc services.

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