Affiliate Marketing is a great way for bloggers and website owners to make a supplementary income. It helps to earn some referrals income without investing such efforts. Although, there are multiple Affiliate programs available in the market the Amazon one is the best not only because it offers you higher earnings but also provides the authority and no-fraud income with Amazon. However, Dropshipping is another modern way to do business that is equally in demand as compared to the Affiliate Program.

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If you are planning on starting with the Amazon Affiliate Program and know more about how to sell on Amazon via Affiliate, here is everything you need to know before you do. We will discover what exactly is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program, how to sign up for Amazon Affiliates and part of the Amazon Affiliates Program, along with we will also discuss on such guidelines to follow that will help you to earn without any hindrance.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Before we move into Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program, you first need to know what affiliate marketing is. Well, it’s nothing but an arrangement in which the affiliate websites are paid a commission by the different online merchants to provide sales and/or traffic

The online merchant Amazon has a similar arrangement. Their affiliate marketing program goes by the name Amazon Associates. Signing up for this program from Amazon allows you to generate affiliate links for any of the products that are for sale on the website and add them to your blog or website. Whenever someone clicks on these links and visit the website or buy any product, you get your commission/referral fee.

There are 3 types of affiliates marketing:

  1. Pay-Per-Sale: An Affiliate Associates earn a reward when a customer makes a purchase via the affiliate link. Some of the merchants pay a fixed rate to affiliates while others, like Amazon, pay a percentage of the sale.
  2. Pay-Per-Click: When a customer visit on the merchant’s site or product page via the affiliate link than affiliates will be paid.
  3. Pay-Per-Lead: This is based on how many consumers fill out the lead form or submit an inquiry by filling the contact us form.

How to sign up for Amazon Associates?

Signing up for Amazon Associates is free of cost and very easy. If you already have a website or blog of your own, all you need to do is follow the following simple steps:

  • Visit the home page of Amazon Associates

The first step to becoming an Amazon Associate is visiting the homepage of the affiliate marketing program. On the Amazon Associate homepage, you will find an option that says “Join now for free”. Clicking on it will prompt you to log in to your existing Amazon account if you have one. If not, you can simply create one and log in.

  • Ø  Build your Amazon Associate profile

When you log in to your Amazon account, you need to select the “New Customer” option. Selecting that option will be followed by prompts that will help in building your Amazon Associate profile, which is the next step of the process. To build your profile, you need to enter your account information, your website or blog details, the store ID you prefer, your contact details, and preferred payment methods. You also need to explain the ways in which you generate income from your website or blog and attract traffic to it.

  • Create Amazon Affiliate links

After you are done with entering all the required information and building your profile, you will have your own Amazon Associate homepage. This homepage will include an overview of your earnings, the total number of clicks, and the monthly summary.

It will also include an option “Product Linking” which will allow you to create your affiliate link for products. You just need to search Amazon for the product you want to promote, verify that the result that follows is the right product, and click on the “Get Link” option. Once you have the link, you can use it on your website or blog following the Amazon guidelines.

You can also consult with Certified Amazon Consultancy to guide you step-by-step and provide the right solutions. Confused! How to hire the right Amazon Consultancy? Check these checklists while selecting an Amazon Consultancy that helps you to earn profits.

Guidelines for Amazon Associates

To sign up for Amazon’s affiliate marketing program and become an Amazon Associate, there are certain guidelines you need to follow. And if you don’t, it will only result in getting prohibited from the program.

Here are some of the most important guidelines you should know about before signing up for the program:

  • You should publicly reveal it on your website or blog that may be earning from the recommendations that you offer.
  • In your recommendations, you should not make any claims that aren’t true.
  • Since the prices of the products do frequently change, you should avoid mentioning prices in your recommendations.
  • You cannot use the Amazon affiliate links in emails or eBooks or any other kind of offline promotions.
  • You should not shorten the affiliate links with URL shorteners.

While these are just the major ones to keep in mind, there are other guidelines too that you can check out on Amazon’s full policy.

However, if you don’t have a website or blog, you will first need to create one and then follow the above steps.

Hope you found all that you need to know to get started. Connect us to know more about Amazon Affiliate Program and how we can help you to earn profits.