The retailer bragged that its current best-performing ad style is video advertising for Sponsored Brands. These are the most current ad innovations from Amazon. In order to capture customers’ attention on desktop and mobile shopping pages when purchase intent is at its highest, the new creative combines product adverts with video content.

According to Amazon consulting services provider Viewers retain 95% of the material after watching a video compared to only 10% after reading it in text. One of the challenges with Amazon Advertising is communicating your brand’s message because customers only see plain photos and product descriptions. In order to enhance conversion, Amazon offers Sponsored Brand Videos, which let you embed video content directly in search results. With the help of this video feature, you may reach a specific audience and direct them to a product description.  it is suggested to hire Amazon consulting services to help you

What Exactly Are Sponsored Brand Videos?

The Complete Guide To Amazon-Sponsored Brand Videos

The Complete Guide To Amazon-Sponsored Brand Videos

A visual ad format called Sponsored Brands video is used on Amazon’s product detail pages and search results pages to advertise your products. The ads are cost-per-click, so you only pay if someone clicks on your ad and then shows enough interest to proceed to the product detail page. You can target the most suitable audiences with the ads’ keyword-focused design.

Due to this, your video clip automatically begins playing after the player has taken up half of the screen, and the movie would be, by default, muted. Viewers can click on it to unmute your video so they can hear the audio or to go to the product description page to read more. 

What Makes The Sponsored Brands Video Unique?

According to Amazon Marketing Consultants Agency The study found that 84% of customers said seeing a brand’s video convinced them to buy a product or service, while 95% of video marketers said that video had increased user understanding of their product or service.

The Sponsored Brands’ video advertisements put your content where it can have the biggest impact on customers who are actively browsing products or brands on Amazon from both mobile and desktop devices. Working with a skilled Amazon consulting services can assist you with the best guidance

Due to their shopping mood, these people are more receptive to communications that persuade them to make a purchase. If you’re seeking to surpass competitors on price, quality, features, or any other selling component, this is where your product or offer’s unique selling proposition (USP) may make the largest difference.

Recommendations For Amazon-Sponsored Brand Advertising

What Exactly Are Sponsored Brand Videos


You should become familiar with the recommended best practices before implementing anything new in your digital advertising campaign. We’ve put together a list of recommended Sponsored Brand Videos to help you create your market plan.

  • To add text to the video, place it at top a black box in a sans-serif typeface like Helvetica. This allows those who are unable to hear the audio to still read what the voiceover is saying. Make sure that both desktop and mobile users can understand your material.
  • With a looping video, you have between 15 to 30 seconds to make your message. As soon as the video is finish, it will restart, so double-check your work.
  • Text logos and other important details shouldn’t be lost if the main video components are still present inside the safe area.
  • An opening couple of seconds of your video should focus on your product and its unique selling point.
  • Start with products that have received at least 3.5 stars in ratings.
  • To stand out in search results, employ visually beautiful product-focused video material.


Placing a video advertisement is advantageous since you receive a lot of ad space, and only brand-registered providers can access it. We believe that investing money in differentiating your business will help you stand out from the competition. Services4amazon is a Amazon consulting services provider having a group of experienced employee. Services4Amazon is rated as the best Amazon consulting Agency .