It can be challenging to understand when two different SEOs are working on two different platforms; however, they are the same. The SEOs are working on getting the website higher in organic search results on each platform. But few points differentiate each of them. 

The competition is fierce between these two search engines. The main thing to be kept in mind for companies is whether they should be using a similar strategy for both or not?

Well, no, and this is what our blog particularly talks about. Here we will give you a general understanding and procedural information of both the SEOs, their respective benefits, and obviously, as our title says- what are the strategic differences so that you can choose which works better for your business.

An Overview

of Amazon SEO – The practice of optimizing your product listings for Amazon’s ranking algorithm, A9, is known as Amazon SEO. Keywords (or search terms) in the title of a product detail page, adding high-quality images, choosing reasonable rates, and other optimizations are among the procedures amazon store setup and its Seo.

Google SEO- Google SEO is a crucial concept that mainly focuses on increasing brand visibility and google ranking. It is needless to mention that optimizing your website for Google’s search engine algorithm will help your business.

Difference Between Amazon SEO Vs. Google SEO

  • The goal of Amazon SEO is to optimize product listings so that they appear higher in Amazon search results. You can typically earn more sales if you stay ahead in the marketplace. At the same time, Google SEO improves your web exposure. This implies that the more visitors visit your website, the more revenue you get online.
  • Compared to Google SEO, Amazon SEO focuses on a different set of characteristics. Amazon SEO prioritizes conversions over CTR, but Google SEO prioritizes CTR. Since Google cannot determine what a person is looking for and attempting to accomplish after landing on a website page.
  • Both SEOs use keywords for ranking, but how they employ them differs. Almost the majority of Amazon keywords are elements of the item, such as rewards or unique characteristics. Unlike Google, Amazon only needs a single term usage to obtain a better amazon keyword ranking.

While Talking About The Differences, We Should Not Forget Talking About The Similarities As Well:

  • Both Are Prevalent Search Platforms
  • Share The Same Objective
  • Regular Maintenance Must
  • Display Two Types Of Results, What’s more influential?

Let’s take a view on the points that can help you make a well-informed business decision.

Amazon SEOGoogle SEO
The use of each term is crucial, and long-tail keywords may organically emerge in product descriptions.When it comes to optimizing for Google search, lengthy keywords are fairly prevalent.
The sales authority is a vital amazon keyword ranking component.The legitimacy of a site is determined by its link building.
Amazon SEO relies heavily on reviews.To improve the seller’s experience, informative relevant information is included.
In product rankings, external traffic is always considered critical.Google SEO relies heavily on external links.
All images in the postings should be of excellent quality.The use of pictures is intended to increase the consumer experience.
PPC revenues may have an impact on SEO rankings.The Google ranking system receives signals from PPC traffic.
Product pricing, inventory level, and sales success can all have an influence on your Amazon rating.The validity of a page is determined by tracking clicks, visit durations, as well as other KPI metrics.

Let’s Wrap UP

While there are several effective ways of optimizing your business for amazon keyword ranking, deciding whether Google SEO or Amazon SEO will help you achieve the best results for your business is a tough choice. Both have their pros and cons, and it is all up to you how you measure and find suitable for your business.