It is understandable that in order to become an Amazon seller, you need to follow its selling policies and set your store abiding by them. You have got to play by the rules to achieve the success you desire. 

Amazon has a long list of rules for its sellers and buyers. In this blog, we will cover the top five points that you should know about! You can overlook these Amazon selling policies and start your business with a boom.

Let’s jump into this well of knowledge.

All About Product Listing Rule Violations!

  • You Need To Stop Using The “Create A Product” Link For Already Existing Products:

Many Amazon sellers make use of this tool to list their products at the top as they don’t want to search the catalogue for them. This step will create duplicate items within Amazon’s catalogue.

  • Do Not Add Other Products Information While Writing Description For One:

The description of an item should be related only to itself and not others. It would be best if you avoid using leftover space to market your other product because this comes in violation of Amazon selling policies.

  • Add The Right Information About Your Business In The Product Descriptions:

You cannot add the physical address, phone number, email address, and website address of your business, as these are strictly prohibited.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Ask For Positive Feedback In The Product Descriptions:

Your product description should not contain comments like “leave positive feedback to show your support.” This seems like manipulating customers’ minds which is absolutely restricted by Amazon selling policies

What Are Amazon Bundling Policies?

An Amazon seller should be able to offer bundles to their customers. This is not advertised in Seller Central, but it is very beneficial for both sellers and buyers.

With the help of this, a seller will be able to sell multiple products in one sale, and a buyer will get their hands on purchasing these items altogether in one place. 

Note: You can create bundles taking items of different categories, but they should be related to each other. You can also choose high-priced items to fall into your bundles. Remember that all bundles are reviewed by following Amazon selling policies. Therefore, the items should be relevant and appropriate to each other. If you fail to follow these, your account might get suspend.


More About Bundle Policy Rules!

  • A bundle does not mean that you can sell multiple similar items in one go. You can not follow multipack listings, as it will lead to your seller account suspension.
  • Your bundle titles must contain the word “bundle” with the number of items.
  • All of the items should be include in the main image of your bundle.
  • It will help if you create a UPC for each new bundle being created you. Also, using the UPC of 1 item in a respective bundle is not allowed to represent the whole bundle.

Running Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts Is A Big “No”!

Amazon selling policies do not allow you to use multiple Amazon Seller accounts. The reason for this is one Seller account is efficient in selling products in various categories. 

But in case you have a legal business need, you may contact Amazon support to open a new account. Remember that your original account should have a better rating from customers’ perspectives with a good brand reputation on the Amazon platform. 

Your new seller account should follow the given rules:

  • You must own a different email address and bank account for the second seller account.
  • Make sure that no overlapping of products and services is in your web stores.

To Conclude This

If you want to run your business smoothly on Amazon, it is an ultimate necessity for you to abide by Amazon’s selling policies! Both buyers and sellers need to understand these to get the most of the benefits. 

At Services4Amazon, we help you establish a business within the set of rules provided by Amazon. We will ensure that your business grows and earns a reputation in the market.