Amazon Virtual Assistant is the one who provides online working support to the business owners on Amazon. They are skillful in an array of tasks. The business owner can hand over some important yet tedious jobs like data entry, Amazon marketing, writing product descriptions, product listing, etc. This is done so that the owner and in-house employees can concentrate on the core tasks of the business.

So, the question arises what would be the right strategy to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant? Let’s find out!

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Right Strategies to Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant

One must be careful while hiring a VA. From a pool of Virtual Assistants (VA), the one who perfectly fits in the cube of the job requirements must be chosen. Few right strategies to hire the right Virtual Assistant are listed below:

  • Prepare the list of jobs to be assigned:

Identify the jobs which are of low value, take up much time, and those that neither the owner nor his employees are skilled to do. Assign those jobs to a VA.

  • Provide job descriptions:

For both the parties to be satisfied, the entire range of job descriptions, time to be allotted, the payments, and other responsibilities should be straightened out from the beginning to avoid confusion.

  • Assess their capabilities:

Evaluate their experiences. Choosing an experienced Virtual Assistant is recommended, as they are not likely to make errors. Taking a trial test shows their quality and whether they are capable to finish the task within the deadlines.

  • Permit training period:

Virtual Assistants should be provided with a training period to get accustomed to the product, the company’s goals and Amazon’s Unique Selling Propositions to function effectively.

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What Tasks An Amazon Virtual Assistant Can Perform?

Jobs Virtual Assistants can perform (functions): The tasks assigned to them are important as it helps the business to prosper. The range of jobs they can perform is vast. Some of them are mentioned below:

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  • Data entry and SEO optimization:

For Amazon’s data entry, VAs have to be creative with the product uploading and listing, use Amazon’s enhanced content features, and also highlight the USPs of the product. The SEO optimization includes relevant keyword research, safe link building, and also bookmarking the business’s web page at social bookmarking sites. This will engage traffic to the site, thus leading to growth.

  • Customer Service:

The VAs need to be polite, quick, and skillful to handle customer services. The job includes creating a message template, answering an inquiry, replying to positive feedback and taking care of negative reviews, knowing to locate previous orders, and the refunding procedure.

  • Product and Market Research:

Virtual Assistants should have a thorough knowledge of researching products on Amazon by comparing and analyzing the products of the competitors. Studying the market structures, upcoming trends, requirements, and evaluating the competitor’s data and products are some tasks.

  • Handling Social Media:

With the growing times, creating a presence of the business in social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter is crucial, as it directs heavy traffic to the site. The jobs of Virtual Assistant here are to update the pages, respond to queries, upload product images of new products, and post discounts and offers on their pages.

  • Graphics Designing:

This job also is sometimes listed for Virtual Assistants. This job includes logo designing, making the infographics understandable, and product image editing. The work should be of high quality, enticing and noteworthy.

There are lots of other tasks that an Amazon VA can perform.

In The Last…

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a wise decision as it saves money and the work is also done very efficiently by an experienced Virtual Assistant. But, here you have to also remember that hiring an Amazon VA is a bit complicated process.

So, it’s better if you approach a certified Amazon Consultancy that will help you in a better way.

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