Amazon gives you the power to establish your business without worrying about inventory. It even provides many options for starting a venture, and all of the options aim to help people without capital pay for the inventory upfront. So, yes, it’s possible to sell on Amazon without inventory, and now we will discuss the methods that will help us do so.

Different Methods of Selling Without an Inventory

Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon, or Amazon FBA, lets online stores put their goods in Amazon’s fulfillment centers as a fulfillment service. Your goods are sent to, sorted, and stored in huge stores worldwide. Your item is sent to the customer as soon as they place an order. In this way, Amazon is like a transportation partner for you; they handle the whole order fulfillment process.

To join the Amazon FBA program, you must first make an Amazon selling account and log in to Selling Central. Then, set up your shop and add products to Amazon’s catalog. Speaking of catalogs, if you need any help optimizing your product catalog, Services4Amazon provides an efficient Amazon catalog editing service. Once you’ve added a new offering, change the Fulfilled by Value from Merchant to Amazon to mark it as FBA inventory.

As a seller, you must find and send your items to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. These centers store your items safely and add them to Amazon’s system for tracking inventory. Customers can buy things from Amazon as soon as they arrive at their fulfillment centers. Amazon is in charge of packing and shipping the item after a customer requests it.


Dropshipping is a way to run a business where the seller works with a third-party source to fill customer orders. Dropshipping is different because the seller doesn’t have to pick, store, handle, or ship the goods themselves. Fulfillment is handled by the seller or manufacturer instead, so you don’t have to. This is a hands-off, efficient way to sell online.

If you want to sell on Amazon, you need to follow the rules. As per Amazon’s dropshipping rules, you must always be known as the seller of record goods. It would help if you removed any information about third-party suppliers from customer bills and packaging. Also, if a customer is unhappy with their order, it’s your job to handle the return. Furthermore, if you experience any difficulty, please feel free to contact Services4Amazon, as they are experts in Amazon dropshipping services.

You choose the goods you want to sell as a drop shipper, and they come from several different producers or suppliers. They can be very different kinds of things, like clothes, electronics, home decor, and beauty items. It’s up to you to make product ads for the things you want to sell. This usually means adding prices, pictures, and descriptions of the goods so potential customers can see them on your chosen ecommerce platform.

Once a customer makes an order, you send the order information to the supplier or manufacturer so they can fill it. This can be done by hand or, more often than not, automatically by software tools. After that, it’s up to the supplier to get the goods ready, pack them up, and ship them straight to the customer.


With POD, you can let your inner artist out. With this model, you can make and sell unique T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and many other things, and you don’t have to hold any inventory. When a customer orders, the POD service provider prints your designs on the items and sends them straight to the customer.

With POD, you don’t have to buy large amounts of inventory like you would with regular retail. A print-on-demand service will charge you a printing fee for each item, but you don’t have to buy a lot of shirts or mugs at once. You can try out different styles and see how the market responds without spending a lot of money. On a related note, you can make everything easier by hiring an Amazon account management service provider.

Sell on Amazon Without Inventory

Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP)

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a platform for self-publishing that lets writers upload, publish, and sell their ebooks and print books (paperbacks and hardcovers) from Amazon. There is no need to go through standard publishing houses because it basically acts as a bridge between authors and readers.

There is a free KDP account sign-up page on Amazon Seller Central. This lets you use the platform’s tools and resources to get your book published. Ensure your work follows KDP’s rules for formatting ebooks and print books. This means setting up the text, chapters, images, and page breaks to look their best on all reading devices and print forms. Or you can just use an Amazon account management service to outsource all the technical heavy-lifting.

Create an interesting cover that stands out and correctly reflects the book type and what it’s about. You can use KDP’s basic cover-making tools or hire a professional artist to do it for you. Go to your KDP dashboard and add your cover picture and formatted manuscript file. You’ll also need to give essential details like your book’s title, the author’s name, a short description, keywords, and a price.


Ultimately, there are a lot of different ways to sell on Amazon without having any goods. Each has its own pros and cons. You can get better ready to start selling on Amazon successfully if you keep looking into the selling strategies that interest you the most. Nonetheless, you can always use Services4Amazon for services like Amazon dropshipping services or Amazon catalog editing services. We have experienced professionals with us who are experts in the field and are available for your aid 24/7.