6 Ways Customer Testimonials Boost Brand Image

Shopping on the internet is convenient but also confusing due to the plethora of options for the same product you’re looking for. It’s difficult to choose one just based on their exaggerated claims. Product reviews left by previous consumers solve this difficult problem. It’s interesting that almost 92% of people who buy something read reviews first. 

People who are interested in your product or service often ask, “Has someone else found this useful?” If so, I’d like to jump on board too. That makes it clear that you can only expect sales if more people are happy with your product or service. And, if people are happy with your product or service, you can ask them to give you their honest opinion, which you can then use to make more sales.

In this blog, Services4Amazon will brush up on the basics of customer testimonials and their impact on your sales and brand image. Furthermore, you can reach out to us if you need assistance with enhanced brand content creation or are looking for Amazon A+ Content services.

What Are Customer Testimonials?

Testimonials are basically the comments and reviews that happy customers leave. They talk about how helpful the product or service they used was and how it helped them get through tough times. They’re a form of social proof. 

Any kind of recommendation can be put on your business’s website. Text, music, a video that you can interact with, or anything else would work. Many people use them to build a picture of your product or service online and make more sales. Positive feedback from a current customer is the best way to sell your business. 

Benefits of Using Testimonials

Enhance Credibility

The people you want to reach probably won’t believe you at first glance. They will doubt your service or goods. They might only want to try your product if other people are happy with it, or they might want proof that the product or service works.

As we already said, recommendations are an excellent way to show them that you can be trusted. What the customer says seems more real than what the salesperson says because brands pay reps, but customers don’t. Customers say nice things about a product or service when they are happy with it. People listen to what other people who have used your goods or services say because it’s true, even if they don’t know each other.

Connect Better

Corporate words are well-written but don’t have the power to connect with people. On the other hand, testimonials sound normal and use everyday words. Of course, testimonials are more likely to connect with people than formal business texts. Putting a personal touch on things is important and helps relationships get better.

Based on what neuroscience has found, feelings play a big part in how we make choices. Businesses use these kinds of studies to develop new ways to make more money. Most of the time, they write words that make people feel different things. This is similar to how reviews excite people about a product or service, making them want to buy it. People who like a product will want to sell it to others who think they will also enjoy it.

Get People’s Attention Faster

Testimonials are usually stories from customers who bought and used your product to solve their problems. People are naturally drawn to stories, which you can use to your advantage to get people interested in your brand. New leads will be interested, and if you share the testimonials widely on a number of channels, they will become paying customers. 

Rise in Click-Through Rates

A study found that listings with 5 stars are more likely to get more responses (click-through rates) than those with 4 or 3 stars. Also, listings with no reviews do better than those with one or two stars. It just goes to show that good reviews will bring in more leads. Low scores, on the other hand, make a business look bad.  

Influence the Target Audience

Testimonials from happy customers can help people decide what to do. This is true for both B2B and B2C businesses. There is a lot of research on this subject.

95% of people who shop online read reviews of a product or service before they buy it. This is especially true when the goods or services are pricey. Also, buyers are 31% more likely to buy from a business with good reviews. Another good reason to use recommendations.

A Better Way Than Case Studies

Case studies are often used in business-to-business sales. However, a study says testimonials and reviews are much more reliable than case studies. People who write reviews give honest thoughts on a product or service, and their reviews are easy to read.


As you saw, customer reviews are beneficial and don’t cost much. They can really help you sell more of your product or service. Not leveraging their power can be a huge mistake. Again, if you need help with any of this or are looking for Amazon A+ Content services, feel free to visit our website. Our professionals possess the skills and expertise for enhanced brand content creation.