In this blog, we’ll learn about the impact created by Amazon OTT advertising on various businesses’ digital spaces through real-life examples. 

OTT video programming is what you experience when you watch programs on Netflix at once, view a live stream on Twitch, or use a network app based on Fire TV. Similar to streaming TV, you are able to obtain videos on the OTT box on Amazon without a subscription to a cable channel or requiring a cable box.

The advertisements that appear each time we watch these videos are known as OTT ads or streaming TV ads. Many people are shifting to streaming movies online rather than switching on their cable or public TV to watch their favorite shows; hence, many people can see these ads. 

That’s what this piece is about: we will therefore discuss aspects such as what OTT advertising actually is and how the likes of Amazon Streaming TV and Online Video Ads benefit brands to get to as many people as possible.

What is Amazon OTT Advertising?

OTT stands for ‘Over-The-Top,’ and it refers to advertising on sites where people can watch TV shows online through the Amazon OTT Advertising service. OTT advertising is, simply put, watching your show on a streaming device such as Amazon Fire TV and then getting interrupted by ads in the middle of it.

It provides the choice to target certain ages, interests, and other factors for advertising to which the advertisers can target their ads. Therefore, it is considered smart to use this to promote a business and sell its products and services to people.

Why is Amazon OTT Advertising a Success?

It’s not surprising that Amazon has become a giant in the world of online shopping in recent years. This is not a wonder since it is easier to advertise a product and service on Amazon as it has tens of millions of users and sells billions of products. Sellers can garner a significant following through the Amazon OTT advertising service, which comes equipped with high-level tracking features and robust methods of evaluation.

Targeted Advertising

One of the best things about Amazon OTT ads is that they let you target specific people. This is simply because Amazon can see a lot of information about its customers, such as their search history, purchase history, and viewing habits. Therefore, Advertisers can use these profiles to better target their ads based on this information about Amazon users.

Furthermore, brands can address specific groups to ensure that their ads reach the people interested in their goods or services. Thus making the ads more efficient and reducing the money spent on them.

Increased Reach

Over 200 million people use Amazon every month, which is huge. To reach more people, brands can advertise on Amazon OTT and reach a huge following. Besides, Amazon’s reach is significant for brands that want to reach more people than just through TV ads.

Amazon OTT ads can be seen on Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox, among other devices. This means that brands can reach customers on several different platforms.

Measurable Results

One great thing about digital advertising is that it makes it easy to see how well it’s working. OTT ads on Amazon are no different. Advertisers can see how well their ads are doing by keeping track of how many times they are seen, clicked on, and sold. As a result of this knowledge, brands can make sure that their future ads give them the best return on their money.


Amazon OTT advertising is a good choice for brands of all kinds because it is cheap. Ads can be focused on the brand’s desired cost-per-impression or cost-per-click, and brands can set their own budgets. Amazon OTT advertising also offers flexible price models that can be customized to suit each brand’s needs. Therefore, it has emerged as a boon for sellers who can’t afford to hire an Amazon advertising agency.

Case Studies of Amazon OTT Success

Now, let’s look at some real-life cases of how brands used Amazon OTT ads to get great results:

Case Study #1: HelloFresh

A well-known meal kit delivery service called HelloFresh wanted to get new customers and stand out in a crowded market. They used OTT ads on Amazon to reach people who like cooking shows and healthy living.

Results: The effort made a big difference in how well people knew about the brand and how many new customers it got. Website visitors to HelloFresh went up by 20%, and new customers signed up by 15%.

Key Takeaway: Targeted advertising on the right platforms can have a big effect on getting new customers and spreading brand awareness.

Case Study #2: Casper

Casper, a new sleep product business, wanted to reach people who had trouble sleeping. So, they used Amazon OTT ads during late-night viewing sessions to showcase their comfortable beds.

Results: According to the results, people who saw the ads became 30% more aware of the brand. In addition, Casper saw a 10% rise in online mattress sales during the promotion.

Key Takeaway: Reaching groups of people based on how they watch can increase their desire to buy and their chances of purchasing.

Case Study #3: Duolingo

Duolingo’s language-learning app wanted to reach more people who like to travel and learn about other cultures. During shows about travel and other countries, they showed Amazon OTT ads with fun language-learning scenarios.

Results: People who saw the ads downloaded 40% more apps. Additionally, Duolingo saw a big increase in usage.

Key Takeaway: Using fun and stories can get people’s attention, leading to app downloads or online activity.


Is Amazon OTT advertising right for my brand?

This depends on your budget and promotion goals. Amazon OTT advertising could be a useful tool if you want to reach interested users and increase brand awareness. However, you should consider the prices and competition before you invest. Furthermore, if you feel burdened by all this, you could also take help from an Amazon advertising agency.

What are some benefits of Amazon OTT advertising?

Amazon OTT advertising has several benefits, which is why many sellers are now opting for it. Some of the advantages include increased brand awareness, sales, and conversions.

What are some things to consider before using Amazon OTT advertising? 

Things to consider before using Amazon OTT advertising:

  • Cost: Amazon OTT advertising can be more expensive than some traditional advertising methods.
  • Competition: The streaming advertising space is growing, so you’ll need a well-defined strategy to stand out.

Creative Development: Creating high-quality and engaging video ads is crucial for success.