Creating and Managing a Amazon Marketplace

Amazon’s customer base is huge, and attracting is a fact you cannot ignore. While millions of active users always rummage for products, it is a dynamic market that offers excellent potential for both large and small businesses. Therefore, efficiently utilizing this chance is a strategic process. Services4Amazon is here to guide you through launching and operating a successful Amazon Marketplace outlet, leveraging Amazon data entry services to ensure optimal performance in the online marketplace.

Getting Started with Amazon Marketplace

To begin using private marketplace, go into your AWS administration account, navigate to Private Marketplace, and then enable the following requirements:

Trusted Access: You must enable trusted access for AWS Organizations, which allows an organization’s management account to grant or deny access to AWS Organizations data for an AWS service. 

Service-linked Role: This is located in the management account and has all of the rights required by the private marketplace to define AWS Organizations and update private marketplace resources on your behalf.

Setting up Sellers Account on Amazon

Once you’ve decided what you want to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to complete the Amazon seller registration process.

  1. First, you have to visit
  2. Click on the “Learn more” button. Submit your business information for a dedicated Amazon account rep, indicating “” if not having a website, and you’ll be prompted for a confirmation screen.
  3. Sign up immediately after receiving Amazon email. In this step, you can either wait for an email from an Amazon account representative or sign up to begin selling immediately.
  4. Create a New Account. Once you’ve selected the best-selling plan, the following window will display, prompting you to enter your seller account’s email address and a password (of your choice). When finished, click the ‘Create Your Amazon Account’ button. This will send you to a second screen, where you must enter a verification number issued to your email address. This is Amazon’s way of confirming the email address you provided.
  5. Choose Business Location and Type. The next step is to share your information such as the location of your business and its type. If you don’t have a business formed just yet, then you should choose, “None, I am an individual”. Then Amazon will ask for your full name in the next step.
  6. Provide Personal Information. Following that, you will be prompted to provide Amazon with various personal information. This contains a form of identity (such as your passport number or driver’s license). To go to the next step, you must validate your phone number via text or call. When you enter the PIN you received from Amazon, your number will be validated.  
  7. Billing Information. The next step is to give Amazon your billing details. This contains an authorized bank account and credit card number. 
  8. About Product Information and Amazon Store. After submitting your credit card info, you’ll be asked a few questions about your store and products, for example the name of your store, UPC code you use for products, diversity certifications, whether you are a manufacturer or a brand owner, etc.
  9. Identify Verification. Next, you’ll be asked to confirm your identification by submitting photos of your ID (license or passport) and a bank statement. After you’ve uploaded your papers, click Submit. After submitting all your documents, you must perform an Identity Verification via video call with an Amazon representative. This allows them to check all the documents and personal information you submitted. 

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Managing the Amazon Marketplace

If you want to manage your inventory and Amazon orders, choose our marketplace management and Amazon data entry services. We can understand how to develop a successful business presence on Amazon. We will assist you with optimizing your product catalogs, creating product listings, providing customer assistance, and processing orders to expand your reach and reduce time to market. Our experience will also convince you that all processes we carry out comply with Amazon rules.

Create Amazon Product Listings. Our team will generate accurate Amazon product listings for you. The product listings will be improved to enhance search engine exposure. We also use Inventory File Templates to ensure the listings have all the necessary information.

Updating Live Amazon Product Listings. As part of our Amazon marketplace management services, we regularly update live product listings on Amazon. Each update ensures that the listings and URLs are optimized while following Amazon rules.

Amazon analytics and insights. We use Amazon analytics to help you boost your Amazon ranking and sell your products more efficiently. 

Amazon Vendor Central Services. Our staff will assist you with effective vendor central account management. We’ll help you track orders, monitor inventories, have access to Amazon Retail Analytics, manage PPC campaigns, and handle feedback. 


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