Amazon Pricing & Buy Box issue – Repricer Express


Clients came to us with the issue of Amazon repricing and about the concern for getting buy box. We have examined, and there is large inventory for which client is running his business and using Amazon internal repricing software and still losing buy box and not able to manage pricing for better sales with good profit. Client is having all map listings available on Amazon.


  • First, we checked the buy box eligible items and made those product and update search terms.
  • Then we have created a sheet taking the cost price from the client so that we can decide the minimum and maximum price.
  • We have calculated the referral fees and other cost so that we can decide what should be the list price as per client consent.
  • Then we have suggested client to purchase tool “Repricer Express”.
  • We have uploaded all our listings there and added the minimum and maximum prices as we prepared earlier.
  • We have created some repricing rules as per the product niche.
  • We have assigned SKUs to the repricing rules basis on the requirements.
  • We have then monitored daily repricer change history to see the rules is working as per the plan.
  • Applied best strategy for repricing rules basis on the automated changes.
  • Analyzed competitors on Amazon for same category and applied the pricing to compete them.


Ultimately, we helped client to manage the Buy Box and able to generate more profit.

Following is the result of some greatest revenue:

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