Do you know it requires inbuilt inventory to sell at the Amazon marketplace?

Though, if you are an Amazon seller, you must be aware of this.

And regarding this thing, to help the sellers, Amazon introduced Seller Flex Program!

Amazon seller flex program keeps an eye on the inventory in your warehouse and analyzing the needs of stocking at the right time. This fulfillment program helped sellers to have better control over the fulfillment of the orders.

So, let’s know more about the Amazon seller flex program, plus what revolves around its working and all! 

What Do You Know About Amazon Seller Flex?

Here Is A Fun Fact For You To Know: Amazon seller flex program has been introduced to the sellers so that they can enjoy the benefits of shipping and stock control. But still, many sellers are unaware of this relatively new program. 

And if you are one of them not aware of this program, read this blog till the end! 

  • As you know, Amazon is well-known for its services in India and the US. Amazon popped up this program to help sellers sell their products to third-party merchants. They will then deliver those products to your customers.
  • Amazon seller flex also helps in providing the ability to ship the products to your customers within the specified time duration, i.e., two days.

Therefore, if you are thinking of choosing this program for your business, make sure to check its benefits plus negative impacts priorly! Let’s discuss them here for you.

What Are The Features Of Amazon Seller Flex?

Before jumping on to know the program’s benefits, let’s read out the following features regarding Amazon Seller Flex

  • You get an invitation from the Amazon Marketplace.
  • You can take better care of inventory management, packaging products, shipping to the customers, and warehousing in-check.
  • You can do your business within the location specified under Amazon’s requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing The Amazon Seller Flex Program?

There are plenty of benefits if you choose to go for this program. These are:

It gives you the FBA tag, which makes your customers’ trust in you grow more.

  • You sell your product to the 3P merchant (and they manage everything afterward), which saves your transportation costs further. It gives you better control over inventory.
  • It doesn’t make you welcome non-moving items back from your warehouse. It makes selling your products very easy as product delivery time is within two days. This attracts customers to buy from you more. 
  • Under Amazon seller flex, Amazon also gives you full-detailed training on managing your inventory and seller account. Amazon seller flex program helps every sized business to acquire and serve customers on a large scale. 

What Are The Negative Impacts Of The Amazon Seller Flex Program?

As you know, it gives sellers great control over their inventory. Still, there are some negative points of choosing this program, considerably:

  • If you have to manage a large number of stock units, you will need a dedicated workforce to make this work out flexibly. This program helps only within narrow borders. 
  • It gives access to only a limited portfolio. Therefore, if you’re a seller with a private label, then this program is not for you as you might need extra resources to manage the processing. 
  • Pricing is also a concern in this program. As you know, products in your list have varied prices that give estimates of the profit to be received. So, it is better to check if it can give you any additional profit under this program. 

What Are The Steps To Apply For The Amazon Seller Flex Program?

If you wish to apply for Amazon seller flex, follow the steps below:

  • If you are eligible for the Amazon seller flex program but didn’t get an invitation from them, then it is better to contact Amazon’s team. For this, you can either call on their customer care number or send an email to their team. 
  • And after getting the invitation, prepare a form of your business details, fulfillment needs, etc. After completing this work, you have to share the documents with the Amazon team for full verification.
  • When they are done with verification, you will get connected with them. Then, they will provide you with support in installing the warehouse. In the end, you will receive the essential instructions and the training information.

That’s all; you are set to get started with the Amazon seller flex.

This is all about the Amazon seller flex program you needed to know. Flourish your business with this!!!

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