Product Listing Quality is a brand-new beta feature that Amazon has added to Campaign Builder. For you, what does this mean? Have you ever pondered how your product listings appear to Amazon’s algorithm? You can now ascertain. This new function evaluates your listings and provides you with a clickthrough potential assessment. In essence, it aids in determining whether your product is prepared for release or not. 

Receiving impressions and clicks on products that Amazon’s algorithm deems irrelevant to queries can take longer. Thus, in the event that your product fails to achieve the required number of clicks, the system will recommend that you pause the campaign until necessary modifications are made.

Don’t panic, though; you can still start campaigns. Just be aware that getting impressions and clicks can be a little more difficult. You can determine which listings would benefit from certain adjustments by knowing how the algorithm interprets your products. And that translates into improved performance and increased exposure from the outset. 

Additionally, you can save time and money by launching with an awareness of what needs improving. Put an end to your trial and error! In the past, after adding a product to a campaign, we would look up suggested keywords to see how well Amazon “understood” our offering. However, Amazon is now being transparent with us regarding the quality characteristic of product listings. Do you require further assistance with amazon ppc campaign optimization? Our group of knowledgeable Amazonians is here to support you in achieving your goals!