Buyer Auto-Cancellation Window” is a wonderful new function that Amazon has developed. Sellers can now appoint an identified window of time during which consumers can abandon orders that the seller has satisfied without need for additional mediation thanks to the Buyer Auto-Cancellation Window characteristic. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You set a defined time limit, let’s say, a two-hour purchaser auto-cancellation window.
  • If a purchaser decides to abandon their order within this set time setting, the system will automatically abandon the order for you, streamlining the procedure.
  • Purchasers must fill an abandoned request for your manual approval if they wish to abandon their order after this window shuts. Consumers won’t be capable of abandoning an order once shipment has been confirmed.

It’s key to keep in mind that abandoning requests made by purchasers during this window won’t influence your data on abandon rates. These characteristics try to make your sales procedure go more smoothly and efficiently.

We trust that this update has the capability to fully change your amazon marketing agency, and our team of Amazon experts is here to support you in executing it and making the majority of this new functionality. Please do not delay to connect with us if you need support or have any questions.