For brands similar to yours, Amazon has launched Brand Store Quality Ratings in an effort to improve the browsing experience and increase sales. What are the quality ratings for brands in stores? The overall quality and user experience of your brand shop on Amazon are evaluated by the Brand shop Quality Rating. Up to 50% more sales occur in stores with better ratings than in retailers with lower ratings. This measure is significant because it illustrates how well your brand draws in and keeps in-store consumers. What makes you need to worry?

  • Possibility of higher sales: Better consumer trust and engagement lead to higher sales for stores with high quality ratings.
  • Competitive Edge: You can identify areas that require improvement to stay competitive by comparing your store’s ratings to those of your competitors.
  • Unique Recommendations: To help you maximize performance, Amazon offers unique recommendations that will lengthen customer stays and improve overall quality in your store.

Action Steps

  • Check the rating of your store: To view your current quality rating, go to your dashboard in the brand store.
  • Examine the suggestions: Amazon offers customized recommendations to raise the dwell duration and overall quality score of your store.
  • Execute Improvements: To improve user experience and boost sales, take into consideration putting proposed modifications into practice.

Do you want your Amazon brand store to have excellent ratings? Speak with one of our Amazon marketing consultants right now to find out how our knowledge can improve your store and increase sales and consumer interaction on Amazon.