Every Amazon seller wishes to stand on the top of the leaderboard and amaze their competitors with their selling strategies. Don’t you agree?

But they do not know that it is a difficult destination to reach if you follow the old ordinary selling methods. Nowadays, product listings are a necessity in a business to bring out its uniqueness and abilities. With this, you can easily bring out the image and voice of your brand in front of your customers.

Amazon offers many tools to help its brand-registered sellers in showing off their products by adding something unique to their listings. One of them is enhanced brand content templates.

This will help you customize your brand experience, boost conversions, and enhance your product listings. Amazon Enhanced brand content template need is a must thing to learn! Read this blog until the end to learn how to utilize EBC and what benefits you get from it.

Simply Know – Amazon EBC Template!


Amazon enhanced brand content template

offers you the opportunity to add a customized section to your product description. This is not possible within regular product listings.

  • In the EBC section, you can add and rearrange modules such as text, images, sidebars, etc. Several pre-designed templates come in these modules, but you are also allowed to customize them on your own.
  • Remember that you need to make a difference in your selling and level up your game to beat your competitors. For this, you will have to work on creating a different listing that should not look more or less the same as your competitors. You will need to think out of the box. 
  • Your customers sometimes get confused while buying, so these listings can help them in an easy purchase.
  • With enhanced brand content templates, you are free to create and add unique content to ASINs (under your brand name) to grab your customers’ attention.


Amazon EBC Templates For Your Product Listings:

You can use these five ready-made Amazon EBC templates available for your use:

  • Rose: It has a Brand Logo, Product Description, 2 Header Images, and Product Features.


  • Tulip: This provides a Brand Logo, Product Description, Header Image, and Product Features.


  • Orchid: You will get a Brand Logo, Product Description, Header Image, and Product Features.


  • Sunflower: It has a Brand Logo, Product Description, 2 Header Images, and Product Features.


  • Lilly: This gives you a Brand Logo, Product Description, Header Image, Product Features, and Header Image.


Note: You are also allowed to create a customized template from pre-defined templates. Firstly, you will need to add all templates, including custom templates (for adding your brand logo and a product description at the top of the section). After this step, you are free to customize it exactly however you want to, using the block-style “modules.”


Requirements For Enhanced Brand Content Templates

If you wish to access the Amazon EBC services, you will have to be enrolled in Brand Registry. You can search for this program and ways to sign up there.

Your ASINs used with EBC must be registered under your brand name. But if you cannot register your brand, you can create a listing for any unrelated product and then use EBC on this listing.

This is the primary requirement for enhanced brand content templates. In today’s time, you will find this feature free, which makes it easy for you to get a trademark; still, enrolling in Brand Registry holds much more importance.

Possibilities With Amazon EBC Templates

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using enhanced brand content templates

  • You will be allowed to build a unique and professional product page to get your business on higher levels. It also brings you more conversions and a stronger brand image.
  • Plus, you will get an option to add better visuals and more space for a copy that makes your product descriptions highly competitive but attractive to the customers.

You should know that Amazon does not index the additional copy you added to your EBC modules. So, you will not get extra space for keywords in these templates. But these extra copies are valuable in sharing your brand’s message and helping you drive conversions.

Choose An Expert Agency To Help You In Enhanced Brand Content Templates!

Product listings are the soul of every business running on Amazon. Therefore, if you want to differentiate your listings from regular ones, make use of Amazon EBC templates at the right time!

By hiring Services4Amazon, you will get assistance in adding EBC to your product listings and you will see your customers easily convinced to buy products immediately. You can easily create a brand voice and image to drive more conversions.

Call us and get a better user experience with EBC. You will see your sales and conversion rate growing rapidly. In all, we will help you to rank higher, get more deals, and level up your business.