7 Errors You Should Outsmart As An Amazon Seller To Avoid Any Disaster!

#1 Rules Violation

When you join Amazon, you agree to follow all of the company’s rules, regulations and put enhanced brand content on the platform.

#2 Amazon PPC

It offers a built-in (PPC) mechanism to its sellers. Amazon PPC is an opportunity that far too many vendors overlook.

#3 Over Ordering Of Stock

In an extraordinary increase, a typical seller’s concern is that they will run out of stock.

#4 Forgoing Sales Tax

You should add sales tax in your pricing when selling on Amazon. Otherwise, you’ll be the one to foot the bill.

#5 Poor Customer Service

Suppose you are operating as an Amazon FBA seller with a complete amazon store setup. In that case.

 #6 Improper Listing

Your product listings, like your website, should be optimised during amazon store setup. 

#7 Directing Shoppers To The Website

Amazon does not allow you to use its platform for self-promotion or to push sales away from it.