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Seller Account Reinstatement

Services4Amazon specializes in restoring Amazon Seller Accounts that have been suspended. We know your dissatisfaction, which is why we get to work right away! Our professional team consists of experts who help you to create a custom Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action, which we will send to you within 24 to 72 hours.

We are a one-stop store for all of your Amazon seller account reinstatement needs. At Services4Amazon, we specialize in amazon seller account recovery due to violation, inauthenticity, counterfeit, forged invoices, seller code of conduct, review manipulation, and other reasons.

Seller Account Reinstatement​

Top Reasons for Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement

The following are the most common reasons for a suspension of an account

Amazon Seller Account Appeal Process


Our Amazon experts devote their time to carefully examining your case of Amazon seller account suspension. It is done to figure out why your Amazon account has been suspended or blocked. Our experts do intensive research and analysis to get to the root cause of your amazon account issues.


We aim to provide a clear & detailed explanation of the primary reason behind the amazon seller account suspension after completing an in-depth analysis of the main reason for the suspension or deactivation of your Amazon account. It helps in the preparation of your Amazon seller suspension appeal.

Plan of Action

Finally, on behalf of the owner, our team will review a short and easy-to-understand Appeal Letter. The purpose of the Appeal Letter provided by our team is to outline the root cause of the Amazon seller suspension and the steps you will take to avoid any further complaints.

Prevention Strategy

As an Amazon seller, we help you to make the most of your online business. We also provide appropriate prevention tips and strategies to help distributors keep their accounts intact for higher revenue.

What We Do?

Suspension Appeal

In this situation, we will assist you with a guaranteed Amazon seller account reinstatement. You will get the best plan of action to reinstate amazon account.

Account Health Check

Are you noticing a downfall in your amazon account? We are here to help you reach the Amazon seller account's stated limit.

Suspension Prevention

Suppose you are holding off contacting Amazon until your amazon brand infringement. In that case, we will help you with any Amazon policy issues or warnings that you may find to keep your Amazon account active.

Unlock Amazon Account

We have a team of Amazon seller account experts who specialize in Amazon seller account reinstatement at Services4Amazon. Your Amazon seller Suspension Account will be reviewed and activated as soon as possible.

Why Should You Contact Services4Amazon for Amazon seller account recovery?


Our Amazon suspension consultants team has the skills and knowledge to take your company to the next level. We combine our insights and experience to work directly with Amazon seller Performance officials and resolve your Amazon account problems within 24-48 hours.

Strategic Planning

We identify your specific amazon seller account issues using internal contacts and then draft strong action plans based entirely on our Amazon Seller Performance contacts' information.


Our staff will always be available to help you with your Amazon seller account reinstatement issues, with live amazon seller account recovery functional 24/7. We provide a free consultation, so you can trust that our live members will give the best advice on how to deal with your Amazon account issues.

Services4Amazon Provide A Multi-Step Approach to Reinstate Amazon Account

We have a team of amazon experts at Services4Amazon who have extensive experience reinstating and appealing for the suspension of your Amazon seller account.

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